#Staysafe at Carlsberg Venues

Carlsberg has implemented special measures as a response to COVID-19 to ensure the safety of our guests.

Hygiene & cleaning

We have implemented an enhanced cleaning procedure in all our meeting rooms and public areas with special focus on surfaces which are cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis including toilets, where paper towels is also provided to our guests. In all meeting rooms and public areas you will find hand sanitizer dispensers for guests and staff.

Disease & symptoms

An employee is not allowed to attend work if the person shows mild symptoms which may be related to COVID-19 and may only return at work 48 hours after symptoms have ceased

In the case of a guest showing mild symptoms which could be related to COVID-19, the staff will kindly ask the guest to leave the facilities and all surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected.

Meeting rooms

We comply with the Danish Health Authority┬┤s recommendations for distance requirements and secure that the meetings rooms are set up properly in order to minimize risk of infection.

All our employees have received detailed information and instructions on the basis of official recommendations and clear signage has been put up in all meeting rooms and public areas showing maximum capacity. Pens and pads are provided upon request.


All catering for breakfast and during breaks will be arranged on plates in the kitchen and all plates are individually handled by staff wearing gloves. Beverages are delivered in closed containers. Food and beverages are served from different stations in order to avoid queues and minimize handling.

However lunch in Carlsberg Museum & Business Centre will be served on plates at the tables and everything will be ready before the guests arrive for lunch. The tables will be cleared when all guests have left the room in order to minimize contact between staff and guests.

Wash your hands frequently and use alcohol-based sanitizer.

Sneeze or cough into your sleeve - not your hands.

Avoid handshakes and hugs - keep physical contact to a minimum.

Keep a distance and ask others to take extra precaution.

Be aware of cleaning - both at home and in office.