Historical Tours


A guided tour at Carlsberg is the obvious choice if you are interested in beer, history, art or architecture. Our dedicated guides will take you through the history of Carlsberg from the foundation in 1847 up until today.

Please note that the guided tours only can be booked in combination with an event booked at one of our venues.


Weekdays between 10:00 and 17:00:
DKK 1.500 per group.

Weekends and holidays:
DKK 2.500 per group. 




Approx. 45 min., max. 30 participants.

Introduction to the fascinating history of Carlsberg from the establishment in 1847 to today. The guided tour takes you through:

  • Founder J.C. Jacobsens struggle to refine the beer and the brewer process. You will also learn about his dedication to science and his donations to Copenhagen.
  • The relationship between father J.C. and his son Carl and its importance for Carlsberg's history and the brewery in Valby.
  • A number of the iconic buildings - The Elephant and Dipylon Gates, New Carlsberg Brewhouse, Lotus Chimney and the Star gate.

Please note that the tour takes place outdoor.


Approx. 45 min., max. 30 participants.

In 1847 J.C. Jacobsen founded an ambitious Lager beer brewery, but even he could not have guessed exactly how big Carlsberg would have grown by the time of his death, a mere 40 years later.

On this tour we take a look at the buildings which played a central role in J.C’s brewery, we greet the oldest remaining workforce on site, our horses and examine the everyday conditions for the workers on a brewery in a constant state of modernisation and development. Learn about J.C’s uncompromising approach to beer and life, peek into the oldest cellars underneath the brewery and finish up walking down “Old Carlsberg Road” to take an outside look at one of the things J.C. held dearest, The Carlsberg Research Centre.

Please note that the tour takes place outdoor.